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Clean energy ensures a safer environment for the future generation to come

We operate a scheme that allows for quality and effectiveness all the way through the consultation, installation and maintenance phases. If service is needed, we provide you with quick and competent support and ensure that your system remains profitable, long term.

Energy Efficiency Studies
and Audits

We work closely with you to study the energy consumption profile of your building in order to first identify and then prioritize specific areas where efficiency levels can be increased. We also do this taken into the considerations, the economic bottom line of carrying out these Audits in order to ensure that are clients are able to significantly lower their expenditure on electricity without compromising on the comfort our quality of service provided after implementation of energy audit recommendations.

Consultancy and Feasibility Studies for Renewable Energy projects

We have designed wind farms, solar farms, we have access to the top industry software, we have partnerships with industry experts. We can deliver expertly for any of your renewable energy needs.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction for Renewable Energy projects

With access to industry hardware, technical know-how, efficient distribution channels, you are in safe hands working with us on your renewable energy projects. Let’s get it done speedily and correctly.


Distribution of high quality PV equipment and accessories

Panels, panels, panels – yes panels, but there are a number of fine points required to ensure these work as they should – the charge controller is an important point, so also is the racking and installation angle. We have an established channel for top notch Solar PV products.

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